Creating Systemic Change for Lasting Recovery

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Counseling and Therapy Options

Individual Therapy

Open yourself up for the life you want

We use compulsive or addictive behaviors to keep ourselves from having to face our past. With your therapist’s support, you can stop destructive behavior patterns and learn new skills.

Couple Therapy

Open yourself up for the life you want

Couple counseling benefits new relationships as well as those who have grown into patterns of behavior that have become painful. Learn new ways of communicating, interacting, and establishing boundaries.

Group Therapy

End isolation and create healing environment

Group counseling is one of the most powerful therapeutic interventions a client can access. While individual therapy is growth-producing, group therapy increases this growth potential exponentially.

Healing Way Programs

Addicted to Sex or Porn?

Are you wondering whether sex addiction may be a problem for you? Take a self-assessment that will help you answer this question.

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