Sexual Addiction Screening Test

Understanding the Problem


The Sexual Addiction Screening Test-Revised (SAST-R) aids in determining addictive or non-additive sexual behavior. Created by Patrick J. Carnes, Ph.D., the Sexual Addiction Screening Test-Revised (SAST-R) helps people evaluate the extent of their sexual behavior compared with thousands of others who have completed this screening test.  To learn the full extent of problematic sexual behavior, evaluation by a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) or other qualified professional is required. However, this self-assessment can help you determine if you may be struggling with sexual addiction. 

Answer “Yes” or “No” to the 20 questions below. After you have completed the assessment, continue reading for the next steps. 

Understanding Your Test Results

Score 0-3

You probably are not sexually addicted.

Score 4-6

You may have a problem with compulsive sexual behavior.

Score 7 & Above

Your answers are consistent with those who are sexually addicted and it is likely you have a problem with addictive sexual behavior. We recommend you seek support from a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist. Complete the form below to see how TARC can help you heal from sexual addiction.

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We applaud you for taking an important step toward healing and recovery by visiting our website. The next step is for you to learn how TARC can best support you. During the assessment process, we will thoroughly review an inventory of your thoughts, feelings and associated life choices in order to determine a plan of action that is most beneficial for your recovery.

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