Recovery is Real

When the past keeps affecting your life and relationships in the present or when your behaviors and use of substances seem to be outside of your control, things can seem pretty hopeless. Don't give up. You can find freedom from painful life events and destructive behaviors.

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Do you use too much sex, porn, alcohol, or marijuana?

Do you go from one relationship to another?

Do you often feel out of control emotionally?

Are your friends/loved ones often concerned about you?

Is it hard for you to have healthy intimate relationships?

Do you have painful memories from your childhood?

Are your relationships often characterized by intensity?

You may have been affected by trauma or addiction. And these two phenomenon seem to go together quite often. If any of this sounds familiar to you, therapy can help. Let's talk today to get your healing journey started.

Hope & Freedom

You can find healing and recovery from painful life patterns


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We applaud you for taking an important step toward healing and recovery by visiting our website. The next step is for you to learn how TARC can best support you. During the assessment process, we will thoroughly review an inventory of your thoughts, feelings and associated life choices in order to determine a plan of action that is most beneficial for your recovery.

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