In individual counseling at TARC, you will meet with a therapist on a regular basis. Building trust with your therapist is important so that you can be honest about your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. In partnership with your therapist, you will discover what is blocking you from fully reaching your goals and having the life you want. Often, these blocks stem from a painful or traumatic history. Sometimes, we use compulsive or addictive behaviors to keep ourselves from having to face our past. With your therapist’s support, you can stop destructive behavior patterns, heal previous hurts, and learn new skills to achieve your dreams.



Couple’s counseling benefits new relationships as well as those who have grown into patterns of behavior that have become painful. In couple’s therapy, each person works with the therapist for the best interest of the relationship. Learning new ways of communicating, interacting, and establishing boundaries helps relationships grow healthier. It also provides a “relationship container” in which each individual is safe to pursue her or his own personal growth. When partners enter relationships with unresolved hurts from the past and/or painful compulsive behavioral issues, this adds to confusion and pain within a coupleship. Couple's therapy can help untangle the web and facilitate healing.


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