Creating Systemic Change for Lasting Recovery

Understanding the Problem

Below, we offer two online assessments to help you determine if sex or porn addiction may be a problem for you. Sex Addiction can manifest in a variety of ways. While many sex addicts have physical sexual encounters with other people (affairs, anonymous sex, voyeurism, exhibitionism, prostitution, and many others), a number of sex addicts act out sexually via online sources. Our digital age has created many avenues for sex addiction to develop that may never involve physically connecting with another live person. Of course, many sex addicts experience a combination of acting out patterns involving other people and online sexual behaviors. 

To gain a clear picture of how sexual addiction may be affecting your life, you will need to meet with a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) or equally qualified mental health professional for a complete evaluation. However, taking one or both of the assessments below will help you determine if sexual addiction, in general, or internet sexual addiction (including pornography), specifically, is a problem for you. Your answers and scores will only be sent to us if you hit “Submit” at the end of the assessment. By hitting “Submit”, you are letting us know that you would like a CSAT trained therapist to contact you to discuss your scores and possible next steps with you. 

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We applaud you for taking an important step toward healing and recovery by visiting our website. The next step is for you to learn how TARC can best support you. During the assessment process, we will thoroughly review an inventory of your thoughts, feelings and associated life choices in order to determine a plan of action that is most beneficial for your recovery.

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