The Sexual Addiction Screening Test- Revised (SAST-R) aids in determining addictive or non-additive sexual behavior. Created by Patrick J. Carnes, PhD, the Sexual Addiction Screening Test – Revised (SAST-R) helps people evaluate the extent of their sexual behavior compared with thousands of others who have complete this screening test.

Scoring instructions and Next Steps

After completing the questionnaire below, count the number of "yes" answers you put in questions 1-20 before clicking “Submit”. Seven or more "yes" answers likely indicates that you have a problem with compulsive sexual behavior. The remaining questions clarify how your sexual behavior is affecting your life. If you would like to discuss your test results with a qualified sex addiction therapist, click “Submit” and your responses will be sent directly to a TARC therapist, call us at (423) 269-7395. 


The Sexual Addiction Screening Test—Revised was developed by Patrick Carnes, PhD