Internet Sex Screening Test (ISST)
for Online Porn Addiction and Internet Sex Addiction

The Internet Sex Screening Test (ISST) aids in determining if problematic sexual behaviors are occurring online, including the compulsive use of pornography. The ISST was created by Dr. David Demonico and Elizabeth Griffin, LMFT. To learn the full extent of problematic online sexual behavior, evaluation by a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) or other qualified professional is required. However, this self-assessment can help you determine if you may be struggling with pornography or other compulsive internet sexual behaviors.

Answer “Yes” or “No” to the 25 questions below. After you have completed the assessment, continue reading for information about scoring and next steps.

After completing the questionnaire, count the number of "yes" answers you put in questions 1-25.

If you answered “yes” to 3 or fewer questions you are probably not sexually addicted via the internet.

If you answered “yes” to 4-6 questions you may have a problem with internet sexual addiction. Send us a message below to explore this further.

If you answered “yes” to 7 or more questions, we suggest you seek help for internet sex addiction, including the compulsive use of pornography and/or other cybersex behaviors. The good news is you are not alone! Help is available and recovery is possible.

If you want to learn more about treatment and recovery options, submit the form below and a CSAT-trained TARC therapist will be in touch with you via email. You can also call us at (423) 269-7395.

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