Our Purpose

     The Trauma and Addiction Recovery Center (TARC) exists to partner with individuals, couples, and families who are seeking freedom from harmful behavior patterns, mood and anxiety problems, a history of hurt or trauma, adverse childhood experiences, relationship conflict, and problems with life dissatisfaction. With full awareness that trauma and addiction create symptoms, crisis, and conflict in the lives of those suffering with it, therapists with the Center will partner with clients to achieve healing and peace.

     TARC employs highly trained therapists and always strives to provide evidenced based care in a compassionate client-therapist relationship. The phenomenons of trauma and addiction are becoming better understood. Our therapists have received specialized training in addiction recovery (including sex and pornography addiction) and trauma healing, in addition to years of personal and professional experience in these areas of growth. Specific training in EMDR and Certified Sex Addiction Therapy are pursued by all TARC providers. Other therapeutic modalities are also used in counseling sessions to address these areas of healing.

It's time to start healing. Give yourself the gift of therapy.

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