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One Recovering Addict’s Journey to Hope

“365 days times 4 equals 1460. 1460 days divided by 7 equals 208. 208 weeks of my life have been spent getting high, coming down, desperately waiting for my next fix.

There have been times in my life where I have complained of a bad week. I never imagined I would one day admit to having survived 208 self-inflicted bad weeks in a row…”

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Recovery Programs Offered By TARC For Sex And Porn Addicts In Chattanooga

"Whether a person comes to us alone or with a mate, TARC therapists are here to help. No person or couple... has to struggle alone. Participation in Trauma and Addiction Recovery Center programs is fully confidential. Everyone’s journey toward healing will be supported by non-judgmental, skilled and compassionate TARC professionals," officials said.

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Let’s face it, sex is a loaded concept in our culture. What is considered acceptable sexual behavior runs in extremes: on one end of the continuum are those who pretend sex doesn’t exist and only acknowledge in the context of a marriage bed in efforts to procreate. Don’t even think about saying you enjoyed it! On the other end, almost anything goes, sexually speaking – no rules, no boundaries, and don’t judge me. Enter stage right: Sex Addiction.

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ARTICLE FROM USA TODAY: Sex addictions are deeply misunderstood. A new classification could change that.

Read this article from USA Today discussing the WHO's new classification of Hypersexual Disorder as a mental health diagnosis. Recognition of sex addiction as a serious, but treatable disorder from the WHO is a big step toward de-stigmatizing this issue.

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