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One Recovering Addict’s Journey to Hope

“365 days times 4 equals 1460. 1460 days divided by 7 equals 208. 208 weeks of my life have been spent getting high, coming down, desperately waiting for my next fix.

There have been times in my life where I have complained of a bad week. I never imagined I would one day admit to having survived 208 self-inflicted bad weeks in a row…”

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Let’s face it, sex is a loaded concept in our culture. What is considered acceptable sexual behavior runs in extremes: on one end of the continuum are those who pretend sex doesn’t exist and only acknowledge in the context of a marriage bed in efforts to procreate. Don’t even think about saying you enjoyed it! On the other end, almost anything goes, sexually speaking – no rules, no boundaries, and don’t judge me. Enter stage right: Sex Addiction.

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