Healing Way Phoenix Program

Counseling Support for Partners

I never felt as lonely and isolated as I did after discovering his acting out. I needed people I could talk to who would not only understand, but could help me!
— Anonymous
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Partners Who've Discovered Affairs, Compulsive Use of Pornography, or Other Disturbing Sexual Behavior

Partners of sex or pornography addicts truly suffer from the impact of their loved one's sexual behaviors. Sex addiction behaviors can cause a partner to feel shame, begin to question her or his own worth, beauty, or attractiveness, create isolation, and can cause the partner to feel unsafe in their own house and in the relationship. This seems to be true whether the acting out includes pornography, prostitutes, affairs, anonymous sex, or other forms of compulsive sexual behavior.


from isolation...


Common to all these behaviors are the lies, deceit, justifications, and denial addicts manifest to protect their "drug". Partners often find they have no where to turn, no one to talk to who would understand. While friends and family want to be supportive, sometimes unhelpful advice or judgements are given. Churches may be at a loss as to how to help the partner who's loved one is acting out sexually. Whether the addict gets into recovery or continues in his/her addictive behaviors, partners will need support and guidance in navigating the steps forward in ways that make sense for them.


...to support and healing


TARC seeks to support betrayed and hurting partners with our Healing Way Phoenix Program. Participants of the Phoenix program receive partner specific, trauma-informed therapy to address the specific wounds created by a loved-one’s sexual acting out. Phoenix includes 7 weeks of group therapy (2 hours per group), weekly individual therapy, and couples therapy if recommended. Phoenix Program participants are invited to enroll children younger than age 12 in our Children's Therapeutic Playgroup. While Phoenix participants are engaged in group therapy, children engage in fun, age-appropriate activities based on emotional intelligence and relationship skills.

If you've ever asked yourself any of these questions, Phoenix is here to help:

  • Why haven't I left? Am I naive, weak, or just asking for more?

  • Will I ever feel safe again?

  • Should I have given him/her another chance?

  • When should I be open to having sex again?

  • How is this affecting our kids?

  • Should I just leave?

  • Is sex addiction even a real thing? Or is he/she just a compulsive liar or sociopath?

  • Why should I get therapy? I'm not the one with the problem?

  • I am so alone. Who can I talk to about this stuff?

  • What are boundaries? How do you set them?

  • Will our marriage ever be the same?

  • Will I ever know the whole truth?

  • Can he/she even get better? Or will he/she keep doing this our whole marriage?

  • Why can't I stop yelling at him/her?

  • Will I ever be able to forgive?

  • Am I being too harsh? Mean?

  • Am I being too soft? A doormat?

  • Why do people ignore me even though they know about his acting out? No one ever asks how I'm doing.

  • How can I feel this angry and also still love him/her so much?

If you are hurting as the result of betrayal trauma or infidelity in your relationship, you are not alone. If you are ready to seek healing and support for yourself, we can help. 

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