Healing Way Beginnings Program

Sex and Porn Addiction Treatment

Saturday-Based Outpatient Program

Healing Way Beginnings Program is a 7-week intensive outpatient program for men struggling with sexual and pornography addiction (call regarding services for female sex addicts). The group portion of Beginnings meets on Saturdays. Participants will also receive weekly individual therapy (included) and will be required to attend at least 2 sexual addiction 12 Step groups weekly. Participants may also receive bi-weekly couple’s therapy, if recommended (included).

“I didn’t need help to stop. I’ve stopped a thousand times. I needed help to live without starting again.”

- Anonymous

Is Beginnings Right for You?

  • Your life has become out of control and you need help NOW.
  • You need to rebuild trust with a significant other by TAKING ACTION to address your compulsions.
  • You have been trying to abstain from problematic sexual behaviors on your own, with therapy support, and/or through 12 Step programs, but these do not seem to be enough to get your feet GROUNDED IN RECOVERY.
  • You are facing consequences at work because you can't stop acting out sexually.
  • You need SUPPORT from others who are going through similar challenges.
  • You believe you need more support but residential treatment is not recommended at this time.
  • You want to JUMP INTO your recovery with both feet, accomplishing in a few weeks what it might take months or years to achieve in individual therapy or 12 Step programs alone.
  • You want to heal your relationships and get your family on a healthy path.

If you or someone in your life knows that it is time to seek help for sex or pornography addiction now, contact us for a formal assessment.


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